Aubrey Maletka - Personal training and nutritional coaching in Lausanne

Personal training and nutritional coaching in Lausanne

Hello, I'm Aubrey. I'm a personal trainer and trained professional cook. My goal is to educate my clients on how to train effectively, eat healthily and happily, by a combination of personal training and nutritional coaching.

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Cook and Lift

Fitness, nutrition and wellness are the inseparable keys for any professional fitness programme worthy of the name.

Among the numerous coaching possibilities available on the market, 'Cook and Lift' delivers these fundamentals.

Cook and Lift gets you back to basics: rigorous and tailor-made training, accompanied by a nutritional plan adapted to your objectives. Efficient and effective.

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Maureen Brugger
Maureen Brugger

My training with Aubrey has been life changing. I'm a 50+ woman who gained over 15 pounds during covid. I also struggled with chronic back pain. I tried back exercises and dieting on my own but nothing worked. When I started to work out with Aubrey 2 times a week and follow his diet plan, my weight began to steadily go down. I feel so much healthier and my back issues have improved dramatically. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and makes workout sessions fun by never doing the same routines. I am also not a typical client as I have a Herrington rod in my back which limits my mobility. He has been able to adjust exercises to fit my lack of mobility. I am finally able to do abdominal exercises! When I left for the United States for an extended time, he offered to continue my workout session via Skype. This has worked out very well and I'm thrilled that he offered this service. I would highly recommend Aubrey to anyone looking to lose weight or to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will not be disappointed.

Jason Tay
Jason Tay

Aubrey is a highly professional Trainer and Food Nutritionist! Not only is he creative in his approach to personal training, his knowledge of Fitness and Nutrition is second to none. His ability to understand customer needs and his breadth of experience means that he is able to customise programmes for a diverse group of people with varying needs and fitness level. Bringing a good balance between motivating his clients and pushing them to their limits, he ensures that they remain motivated throughout the programme. His complementary culinary skills redefines healthy food... always tasty and creative! I've no hesitation to recommend Aubrey to anyone who is serious about staying fit and healthy, he is the best Personal Trainer and Food Nutritionist I've ever worked with!

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Aubrey Maletka - Personal trainer in Lausanne

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