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Eating healthy does not have to mean eating boring and bland foods. My cooking classes will show you how to cook healthy and tasty food to fuel your goals.

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The benefits of healthy eating

The benefits of good food are not just limited to what you eat and when, it is also vital to develop cooking and dietary skills, as you would develop your 'work out' for physical training. In order to improve your figure and health, it is derisory to train 5 times a week if you don't pay attention to what you eat. On average people eat 14 meals a week. So, based on this statistic, which requires the most personal investment; physical training or a careful diet? Which has the most impact on your health?

A good diet, describes the art of organizing food intake for a specific purpose, especially when relating to a health problem. It is this oriented choice which constitutes what you eat. In a way, dietetics is to diet to what 'working out' is to exercise. That's why it is so important, and perhaps even more important, to take into consideration your nutrition, than the physical training.

The benefits of healthy eating

But this isn't a nutritional training course, just part of something that takes into account everything that is relevant to food news:

  • The forms of food (low carb, ketogenic, vegan, raw food etc.)
  • The origin of products according to the seasons
  • Allergens such as gluten or lactose
  • Culinary methods and fundamentals
  • The "Superfoods"
  • The organization according to our rhythm of life
  • A diet adapted to our energy needs and expenditure
  • Eating pleasure while imposing restrictions

All these points are important, I do not advocate any particular method or diet. Moderation is a key factor, in my opinion. Be radical and only move towards a type of diet that allows healthy eating. Not always easy to navigate at a time when science and food trends are changing exponentially. At this rate the classic concepts that have so far guided the work of nutritionists will be obsolete or outdated.

Through group or private lessons, you / we will learn to master these different aspects to meet your needs. In the near future a calendar will be put on line, in order to offer you various programmes to which you can adhere to by appointment.

Diet and food preparation/cooking practices

Depending on your pace of life and individual preferences, it's not easy to find the necessary work/life balance that simultaneously contributes to well-being and fitness.

Below, are a series cooking methods, that will allow you to learn how to combine your preferences with the demands of your training objectives:

Flexivore Cooking in Lausanne


This diet integrates all food categories in a balanced way. The aim is to select as many raw, fresh and seasonal foods as possible, and to use the right 'cooking' techniques to prepare them. Processed or refined food products should be avoided.

Vegetarian/vegetarian diet in Lausanne


All animal meat is excluded and, in its vegan version, any animal source is excluded. These usually very alkaline diets tend to improve recovery and reduce inflammation. The challenge to sustain a diet of this nature over the long term is to be creative in order to avoid the risks of nutritional deficiencies and bland meals.

Low carbs/ketogenic diet in Lausanne

Low carbs/ketogenic

This method, particularly suitable for weight loss, involves the total or partial removal of carbohydrates. However, the absence of starchy foods does create a gap on the plate that should be filled by paying attention to the carbohydrate load of the substitute foods.

Intermittent fasting in Lausanne

Intermittent fasting

Easy to apply and practiced for weight loss and a host of physiological benefits, this diet nevertheless requires some discipline to avoid encroaching on your athletic performance.

Crudivore diet in Lausanne


A dietary practice based exclusively on a 'no cooked food' diet. The raw food diet is particularly nutritious, prebiotic, known for its satiety effect and for stimulating weight loss. Methods such as fermentation, pickling, sprouting and dehydration are good tools to bypass the risks of food routines.

Cutting and bulking phase in Lausanne

Cutting and bulking phase

Terms widely used in fitness which implies a very rigorous lifestyle and diet whatever the chosen regime. The selection and quality of the type of food is essential and not all the diets listed above are suitable for this purpose.

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